Top Best Coffee Shops in Hanoi Old Quarter

Welcome to the coffee shops in Hanoi are an integral part of the city’s fabric. The Old Quarter, with its narrow streets and historical charm, is home to a plethora of coffee shops that cater to every palate and ambiance preference. From cozy vintage cafes to modern oases with bohemian flair, let us embark on a caffeinated journey through this enchanting neighborhood.

Best coffee shops in Hanoi Old Quarter
Best coffee shops in Hanoi Old Quarter

Traditional coffee shop in Hanoi Old Quarter

Giang Cafe (Cà phê Giảng)

Established in 1946, Cà Phê Giảng is a legendary institution, known for its signature Egg Coffee (cà phê trứng). This unique concoction combines strong coffee with a thick layer of whipped egg yolk, creating a rich and creamy indulgence. Whether you’re an avid coffee enthusiast or a curious traveler, this iconic spot is an absolute must-visit.

Giang Cafe
Giang Cafe

Located on the bustling Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Cà Phê Giảng beckons with its old-world charm. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a cozy atmosphere, where time seems to stand still. Sip your Egg Coffee as you savor the intricate flavors and watch the world go by through the cafe’s large windows.

Đinh Cafe (Cà phê Đinh)

Nestled on a quiet side street, Cà Phê Đinh exudes a charming intimacy. The small, cozy space is adorned with vintage furniture and warm lighting, providing a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle outside. Sip on freshly brewed coffee or traditional Vietnamese tea while soaking up the serene atmosphere.

Đinh Cafe
Đinh Cafe

This hidden gem, located just off Nha Tho Street, is a favorite among locals and discerning travelers alike. The friendly staff and the cafe’s inviting ambiance make it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a moment of tranquility in the heart of the Old Quarter.

Lâm Cafe (Cà phê Lâm)

Step into a botanical oasis at Cà Phê Lâm. This enchanting cafe is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a tranquil haven in the heart of the Old Quarter. As you savor your coffee, admire the vibrant flowers and delicate foliage that adorn the space, providing a respite from the urban clamor.

Lâm Cafe
Lâm Cafe

Located on the charming Hang Voi Street, Cà Phê Lâm offers a serene escape within the bustling city. Indulge in a delightful cup of coffee or refreshing smoothie while basking in the cafe’s verdant surroundings, allowing nature’s calming effects to rejuvenate your senses.

Vintage Charm: Hanoi’s Nostalgic Coffee Havens

Hanoi House Cafe: A Serene Sanctuary Amidst the Hustle

Immerse Yourself in Old-World Ambiance: Hanoi House Cafe evokes a sense of tranquility with its quaint setting and vintage decor, offering a respite from the bustling streets. Cold colors and antique furniture adorn the intimate space, inviting guests to relax and savor their coffee in a nostalgic embrace.

Hanoi House Cafe
Hanoi House Cafe

Brewed with Love, Served with Warmth: The cafe’s skilled baristas prepare each cup meticulously, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. From aromatic traditional coffees to invigorating iced variations, the menu caters to every palate and preference.

Hidden Gem with Local Charm: Nestled away from the tourist crowds, Hanoi House Cafe offers an authentic glimpse into the daily life of Hanoians. Sip your coffee at a leisurely pace and observe the locals going about their daily routines, immersing yourself in the vibrant spirit of the city.

Vintage 1976 Cafe: Where History Meets Coffee

A Touch of Country Nostalg: Transport yourself to the past at Vintage 1976 Cafe, where the retro decor and rural accents evoke memories of a bygone era. The rustic charm of this hidden gem creates a cozy and welcoming ambiance for coffee lovers to indulge in their favorite brew.

Vintage 1976 Cafe
Vintage 1976 Cafe

A Symphony of Flavors: Indulge in an extensive menu that features both classic and creative coffee concoctions. From rich pure coffees and invigorating ice blended varieties to refreshing mojitos and tropical smoothies, the cafe caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that every visitor leaves satisfied.

A Tranquil Escape from the Urban Buzz: Escape the hustle and bustle of the Old Quarter and unwind in the peaceful sanctuary of Vintage 1976 Cafe. Let the gentle buzz of conversation and aromatic wafts of coffee soothe your senses and transport you to a realm of tranquility.

Floral Delights: A Caffeine Oasis Amidst Blooms

Hoa 10 Gio Cafe: Floral Reverie with Every Sip

Literary Haven and Floral Sanctuary: Nestled on a charming street, Hoa 10 Gio – Floral Book Cafe welcomes bookworms and coffee aficionados alike. The airy space is adorned with lush greenery, creating a peaceful haven where you can indulge in your passion for both literature and caffeine.

Hoa 10 Gio Cafe
Hoa 10 Gio Cafe

Delicate Flavors, Refreshing Treats: Savor exceptional coffees that showcase the nuances of Vietnamese beans. Whether you prefer traditional brews like ca phe sua da or thirst-quenching fruit juices and smoothies, the menu offers an array of delightful choices.

Escape from Urbanity: Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you sip coffee amidst the delicate scent of flowers. The cozy atmosphere, combined with warm and friendly service, makes Hoa 10 Gio Cafe a welcome respite from the bustling streets of the Old Quarter.

City View Cafe: Panoramic view of Hoan Kiem Lake

  • Address: 7 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi Old Quarter
  • Price: 40.000 – 100.000 VND
  • Opening hours: Everyday/ 7:30 – 22:30

Escape the ground-level bustle and ascend to City View Cafe. Perched atop a historic building, this rooftop sanctuary offers panoramic vistas of the Old Quarter. Sip your coffee while marveling at the intricate tapestry of ancient streets and rooftops below, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

City View Cafe
City View Cafe

With its prime location on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, City View Cafe provides a bird’s-eye view of Hanoi’s iconic Hoan Kiem Lake, Joseph’s Cathedral, and the bustling Old Quarter. Savor the breathtaking scenery as you indulge in a delightful coffee break, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Modern Marvels: Contemporary Coffee Spaces

Starbucks Reserve Nha Tho: Coffee Meets Architectural Grandeur

A View to Awaken: Witness the architectural grandeur of St. Joseph’s Cathedral as you sip coffee at Starbucks Reserve Nha Tho. Located just across the iconic landmark, the cafe offers an extraordinary experience where coffee artistry meets historical charm.

Starbucks Reserve Nha Tho
Starbucks Reserve Nha Tho

Blending Heritage with Modernity: Starbucks Reserve Nha Tho seamlessly blends traditional Vietnamese flavors with a modern coffee experience. Indulge in familiar favorites and innovative creations crafted by skilled baristas who elevate coffee to an art form.

A Haven for Coffee Connoisseurs: Step into a sanctuary where coffee enthusiasts can savor the finest brews, learn about different origins and roasting techniques, and immerse themselves in the world of exceptional coffee.

Cong Caphe: Vietnamese Coffee with a Revolutionary Spirit

Patriotism with Every Sip: Steeped in the history of Vietnam’s revolution, Cong Caphe captures the spirit of resilience and national pride in its concept and ambiance. Sip coffee in a unique setting that celebrates the country’s past and present.

Cong Caphe
Cong Caphe

A Culinary Exploration of Vietnam’s Heritage: Embrace the vibrant culinary heritage of Vietnam as you sample a range of local delicacies, each carefully crafted to complement the flavors of your coffee experience.

Modern Yet Nostalgic: Cong Caphe balances contemporary design elements with nostalgic touches to create a welcoming space that pays homage to the coffee traditions and history of Hanoi.

Coffee Culture in Hanoi Old Quarter

Coffee Culture in Hanoi
Coffee Culture in Hanoi

The coffee culture in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a tapestry woven from centuries of tradition, influenced by French colonial influences and infused with modern flair. This ancient neighborhood is a true haven for coffee enthusiasts, where every sip tells a story and every cafe offers a unique experience.

Tradition Meets Modernity

Hanoi’s coffee culture is a harmonious blend of age-old traditions and contemporary trends. While the city embraces the latest coffee crazes and brewing techniques, it also pays homage to its rich heritage. Iconic cafes like Cà Phê Giảng and Cà Phê Đinh have been serving their signature brews for decades, ensuring that the authentic flavors and rituals of Vietnamese coffee remain deeply rooted in the city’s fabric.

The Art of Sidewalk Sipping

One of the quintessential experiences in the Old Quarter is savoring coffee at a sidewalk cafe, also known as cà phê vỉa hè. These vibrant outdoor spaces offer a front-row seat to the bustling street life, where locals and visitors alike gather to sip their beverages and engage in lively conversations. Whether you’re enjoying a strong Vietnamese coffee or a refreshing iced tea, the sidewalk cafes provide an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the energy and rhythm of the Old Quarter.

Explore Sidewalk Cafes in Hanoi Old Quarter

Sidewalk Cafes in Hanoi
Sidewalk Cafes in Hanoi

The sidewalk cafes in Hanoi’s Old Quarter are more than just places to grab a coffee; they are living, breathing embodiments of the city’s vibrant culture and social fabric. Embrace the art of sidewalk sipping and immerse yourself in the heart of this ancient neighborhood.

Street Food and Coffee Pairing

One of the unique charms of Hanoi’s sidewalk cafes is the opportunity to pair your coffee with an array of mouthwatering street food. As you sip on your aromatic brew, indulge in local delicacies like bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette sandwiches), nem rán (fried spring rolls), or bún chả (grilled pork and noodles). This delightful fusion of flavors and aromas creates a truly immersive sensory experience.

People-Watching and Cultural Immersion

Beyond the food and coffee, the sidewalk cafes offer a window into the soul of the Old Quarter. Grab a seat and engage in the time-honored tradition of people-watching. Observe the bustling streets, where motorbikes weave through narrow alleys, vendors hawk their wares, and locals go about their daily routines. This vibrant tapestry of life provides an unparalleled opportunity to soak up the authentic culture and energy of Hanoi.

Experience Coffee Shops in Hanoi Old Quarter

Experience Coffee Shops in Hanoi
Experience Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Enjoying coffee in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is an experience that transcends mere consumption; it’s a sensory journey that connects you to the city’s rich history, vibrant present, and captivating future.

Savor the Flavors

From the creamy indulgence of egg coffee to the robust notes of Vietnamese black coffee, the flavors you’ll encounter in the Old Quarter are truly unique. Each sip is a celebration of the city’s culinary heritage and the artistry of skilled baristas. Savor the nuances, appreciate the craftsmanship, and let the flavors transport you to a world of pure delight.

Embrace the Atmosphere

The atmosphere in Hanoi’s coffee shops is an intoxicating blend of history, culture, and modernity. Whether you’re nestled in a cozy, vintage-inspired cafe or perched atop a rooftop with panoramic views, the ambiance is sure to captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells that make each coffee shop a unique sanctuary within the bustling city.


  • Where can I find the best traditional Vietnamese coffee in the Old Quarter? Giang Cafe, Dinh Cafe, Hanoi House Cafe and Vintage 1976 Cafe offer authentic Vietnamese brews with a cozy and nostalgic ambiance.
  • Which coffee shops offer a unique and immersive experience beyond coffee itself? Hoa 10 Gio – Floral Book Cafe and City View Cafe combine coffee with botanical charm and panoramic views.
  • Are there coffee shops open late into the evening for a post-dinner caffeine fix? City View Cafe and Starbucks Reserve Nha Tho offer coffee and refreshments until 10 PM, perfect for a late evening treat.
  • Can I buy coffee and tea as souvenirs to take home and share with others? Most cafes offer freshly ground coffee, premium teas, and coffee-related merchandise for purchase, allowing you to extend your Hanoi coffee experience beyond your visit.
  • How can I stay updated about new and upcoming coffee shops in the Old Quarter? Social media platforms, travel blogs, and online reviews provide information about emerging cafes and events.

Conclusion: A Coffee Odyssey in Hanoi

Embark on your own coffee journey through Hanoi’s enchanting Old Quarter, where each sip is a celebration of Vietnamese culture and flavor. Discover charming vintage cafes that evoke a sense of nostalgia, immersing yourself in a bygone era while savoring exquisite coffees. Explore floral havens adorned with lush greenery, where the sweet scent of blooming flowers enhances your caffeine experience. Experience the grandeur of modern coffee shops that reinterpret traditional flavors and offer a panoramic view of the cityscape. Indulge in the rich heritage and innovative spirit that permeate Hanoi’s coffee culture, and create memories that are as unforgettable as the aroma itself.